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Harland & Collier Shoot

Harland & Collier Shoot

As a young commercial photography company, we have realised that we have to work harder to gain the trust of our target market. This is due to many reasons – one of which is the fact almost everyone claims to be a photographer of some sort and as a business if you have been burnt before, it is understandable that you would be less forthcoming in terms of hiring a company that is relatively new on the scene. For this reason, we want to thank Harland and Collier for giving us the opportunity to take pictures of their products, their new shop and one of the owners – Nick.

Harland and Collier are probable the best bespoke high end suit makers outside of Saville row, London. This fact alone meant that we knew that we had to create an amazing quality of work to showcase the expert work of these highly skilled tailors. To create this, we used a combination of ambient lighting in the room a strobe in an octabox and a flash gun shooting into the ceiling to create a a wider more diffused light. This technique allowed us to control the light more effectively thus creating dynamic shots, highlighting the suits.

Post production was a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop mostly involving colour correction and image toning. We needed to make sure the colours were as accurate as possible as this was a shoot where you could not over retouch and change colours drastically as you want clients to see the most accurate representation of what they’d be getting. Safe to say that Nick was very impressed with the finished images and they were immediately used to update the website and social media pages. Check it out at www.harlandandcollier.com

We can’t forget to mention our main link up man – Ian Reynolds from www.brightvue.co.uk


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