Seyi Odeyemi.

Seyi is a creative and technically proficient photographer. With a varied portfolio, he has explored different avenues of commercial photography from product shoots for FILA to editorial and beauty work. He is very adept at understanding what you want and will use the right set of tools to create the images you are looking for.

The combination of his outgoing personality and can-do attitude makes the creative process fun, even in stressful situations. His philosophy is to start with a simple idea and evolve it into something elegantly beautiful. Bringing your ideas to life as efficiently as possible while having fun along the process is his forte.

“If you’re the smartest person in a room, you’re in the wrong room.”

“I had a recommendation for a young photographer and after contacting him and having a meeting I found his ideas, creativity and knowledge surprising. He came round and set up a display of curry dishes and hand drew a map of India and Bangladesh and took some images. I loved the final outcome and plan on using him again for my business ”

— SpiceCity

“Seyi was very professional but also amiable. Getting over 80 people to do their headshots is no easy task. Well done!”

— Tim Constable (Sennheiser)